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Obtain a degree abroad

Find out which Master’s programs our partner universities offer

Tilburg University has many partner universities abroad. These partnerships have been established on the basis of a match between the programs offered by both universities and the academic relationships that have been built up between certain Schools and Departments. You are guaranteed that the quality of these programs will meet your expectations and that the degrees they award are accredited. In addition, you will be able to make use of the experience of incoming and outgoing exchange students and the Study Abroad Advisors. This will prove useful when you are researching the different destinations and universities.

Draw up your budget

Living and studying abroad costs money. How much money you will spend during your time abroad depends on the destination you choose – and your own spending patterns of course. In addition, obtaining a degree abroad also means you will have to pay tuition fees at the foreign university. In some countries, tuition fees are much higher than in the Netherlands. Make sure you have a good idea about how much money you will need to support yourself.

If you need financial support to obtain a diploma abroad, you could choose to look for a scholarship. There are many scholarships and some universities even give tuition waivers or grants to excellent students to persuade them to come and study at their university. A good website to search for scholarships is a website from the Nuffic. In addition, if you are still entitled to studiefinanciering (student grant) in the Netherlands, you may still be entitled to receive this while studying abroad. More information about studiefinanciering can be found on the DUO website.

Have your diploma recognized and legalized before applying to a foreign university

When you go abroad, it is very important that your Dutch diplomas are recognized and accepted abroad. Many universities will ask for legalized and accredited diplomas. The DUO will be able to legalize your Dutch diploma and advise you on the value of your diploma abroad. You can contact the department of Diploma Recognition and Legalization.

Apply for more than one university abroad – shop around!

It is perfectly normal to apply for similar programs at different universities. In fact, it’s good to keep your options open; your application may be declined at one university and with tight deadlines there may not be time to apply to another university. Another reason for doing this is that some universities may offer you a scholarship or a tuition waiver and you will want to have different offers to choose from.