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Why study at the University of Liège?

The University of Liège may not have a long past, but it does have a long history and profound roots. This may be its best possible guarantee of success as it resolutely turns to the future. The University of Liège has all the assets necessary to become a leading European and even world university: a pluralistic vocation; an openness to today's political, social, technological and industrial realities and those of tomorrow; active involvement in international and European research programs as well as those facilitating the mobility of students and researchers; and a commitment to the development of student-centered learning. The University of Liege wants to make you responsible for your education by encouraging participative teaching and multidisciplinarity. ULg numbers 17000 students, 22% of whom are overseas students from 95 different countries.

Multidisciplinary, the Liège Faculty of Law and Political Science brings together the departments of Law and Political Science. The Liège Jean Constant Criminology School is also attached to it. On the strength of a 100 teachers and some sixty assistants it welcomes around 1800 students in the first, second and third cycles.

If, within each of its branches, it aims to cultivate a humanist education for its students, opening them up to disciplines on the peripheries of their basic choices, the accent is also placed, from the very first year, on a teaching which is profession orientated in the sector concerned.
Putting the accent on research, as the University of Liège itself does, the Faculty has for a long time also cultivated its anchoring in the international community by welcoming numerous foreign students and teachers, as well as encouraging the mobility of its own students.

Situated at the heart of the Greater region, the University campus finds itself in a rich natural setting, some fifteen minutes from the center of Liège, a multicultural city whose various well known strengths have notably earned it the well deserved nickname, ‘the passionate city.'

Practical information

Academic calendar

  • Fall semester: September - December
  • Spring semester: February - May

Language course

University of Liège courses are given in French, and some in English. Exchange students therefore need to have sufficient mastery of the language, both written and oral, to understand courses and to take part effectively in seminars and practicals. This is why exchange students' application files must include a document certifying their knowledge of French. The French Department of the Institut Supérieur des Langues Vivantes (ISLV) (Higher Institute for Modern Languages) organizes French courses throughout the year (even during the summer) and are free for our exchange students.


Cost of living
Expect expenditure in the order of 600 euro per month. During your first month in Liège, however, you must expect to spend considerably more (youth hostel costs, deposit for your accommodation, etc). You will also have to add costs arising from your studies (purchasing books for example). These will vary according to subject.


Erasmus grant available


The University of Liège is based mainly in Liège, in the city center and on the Sart Tilman University campus, which is about ten kilometres to the south. It is very easy to find accommodation. Thanks to its numerous and reasonably priced accommodation possibilities, Liège is the cheapest University town in Belgium. You can live on campus or arrange housing through a private owner. The University of Liege's Accommodation Service keeps a database with the private accommodation available for rent in Liège, which can be found online. It can also advise and help future tenants through the process of finding accommodation and is at the owners' disposal to rent out their place to students.


  • For more information about an exchange to the University of Liège, visit their website.

Specific information per School

Tilburg Law School


  • Bachelor and Master


  • Fall or Spring semester

Language requirements