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Summer Schools in Tilburg & abroad

Attending a summer school or a short course can enhance your academic studies, support your personal development and help to lay the foundation for your future career.

Tilburg University Summer School

Tilburg University runs its own Summer School program every summer, combining academic and language courses - as well as a comprehensive social program. These courses offer you the perfect opportunity to prepare for an exchange period in the next academic year. Over 50% of the participants are international students. Sample the international atmosphere of our campus and learn the language of your exchange destination, like Chinese, Spanish, take the opportunity to improve your English. And, of course, have some serious fun!

Netherlands-Asia Honors Summer School

One of the more popular summer schools, co-funded by all 13 Dutch universities and multiple multi-nationals, is the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS). NAHSS provides a unique opportunity for 2nd and 3rd year Dutch students to discover China, to study at a Chinese university and to undertake multi-disciplinary project work for an influential multi-national.  For more information about the NAHSS, as well as how to apply and the funding provided, please go to

Summer Schools abroad

Many other Summer Schools can be found all over the world - in the Netherlands, Europe and beyond. Many of Tilburg University's partner universities offer summer schools, but you may also find a summer program offered by an alternative provider which matches your requirements. Online portals that may be helpful in finding a suitable summer school program include and


Currently Tilburg University is not able to offer financial support to students participating in a Summer School abroad. However, some partner universities offer discounts to Tilburg University's students. You can find more information on the Summer School websites of our partner universities. If you want to apply for a Summer School for which you are eligible to receive a discount, you may have to obtain a nomination letter from Tilburg University. If this is the case, please contact the Study Abroad team.

More information

If you would like to receive more information about a particular summer school program, please contact the provider directly with your questions. They have dedicated summer school staff who be able to answer all your questions.