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Examination Board Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Examination Board for the programs of the Tilburg school of Social and Behavioral Sciences is responsible for the organization, coordination and administration of exams within the school.

The board draws up rules to ensure that everything runs smoothly during examinations and takes steps when these rules do not prove adequate or when they are not followed correctly. It can provide examiners with guidelines and instructions with regard to the assessment of a student and the student's performance in an examination.

The examination board is also the body that deals with requests from individual students in relation to the study program. Such requests can cover the following subjects:

  1. applying for optional subjects abroad
  2. applying for an exemption
  3. requesting conversion of your grades obtained abroad
  4. applying to substitute a TSB course with a course abroad
  5. selecting subjects for a free-choice program
  6. changing study program
  7. requesting admission to a non-related Master's program
  8. requesting for an additional opportunity to take an exam


Each request must include the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and registration number of the applicant: without this information a request will not be processed. Anyone submitting a request should also state the reason for their request.

A request for an exemption must be accompanied by proof of the material studied and the results achieved.

In most cases, a request submitted to the examination board will be dealt with within four to six working weeks. Exemption requests must be submitted at the latest before Week 4 of the semester in which the subject is taught.

Requests should be made by submitting the relevant form (1-4) or  writing a letter to the examination board via the address below or the mail box (Simon building/First Floor).

Tilburg University

Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Examination Board

Simon building, S114

PO Box 90153

5000 LE Tilburg


It may happen that, in the information that you receive on the interim examinations or that you read on the website concerning registration for exams, different terms are used for the same things or arrangements referred to in the EERs or the Rules and Regulations of the Examining Board. However, this does not alter the spirit of the EERs or the Rules and Regulations.