FAQ on online proctoring for students

Tilburg University has decided to use online proctoring for a limited group of examinations. We want to inform you as clearly as possible about the measures and developments on online proctoring. We do this by working out Frequently Asked Questions for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have set up questions and answers about online proctored exams. The  questions and answers will be updated regularly.

Online proctoring

When I start a Proctorio (mock) exam, I am prompted for a password or access code. What should I do?
Does Proctorio work if I am using a VPN connection?
What is the status of online proctoring?
Why does one program at Tilburg University use online proctoring and not another program?
Is there a list of proctored exams?
I don't want to or cannot participate in a proctored exam. How does the opt-out work?
Are special provisions also taken into account for online proctored exams?
What are the general guidelines of Tilburg University with regard to online proctored exams?
How can I report disruptions or problems during my exam so that these will be taken into account by the proctors assessing the recordings of my exam?


How does online proctoring with Proctorio work?
Is it true that someone is constantly watching me during an online proctored exam?
Does the Proctorio software decide whether fraud has been committed?
Will the examination be aborted if Proctorio detects possible irregularities?
Have Proctorio's safety and security been investigated?
How safe is my data with Proctorio?


What about my privacy when I participate in a proctored exam?
Does Proctorio comply with the AVG?
What does Proctorio record during an examination?
Who can view the recordings (audio, video, and screenshots) of my test?
What happens to the stored data after the exam with online proctoring?
When is the Proctorio-extension active in my Chrome browser?
Can I also (temporarily) uninstall or deactivate the Proctorio-extension?

Possible fraud

What does Tilburg University do with indications of irregularities found by Proctorio?
What is considered possible fraud in an exam with online proctoring?
If I look around while I'm thinking, is that considered fraud?
If I think out loud, is that considered fraud?
Can I use scrap paper during a proctored exam?
If I look up something in a book during a proctored exam, is that considered fraud?
Can I use headphones or earphones during an exam with online proctoring?


What are the requirements for the room in which I take a proctored exam?
What if two students are sitting in the same room taking an exam?
What if two students live together and attend the same course and therefore have to take the same exam?
What if my roommate or a family member walks into the room during the exam? Does constitue fraud?
What does the desk scan at the start of the examination involve?
Do I have to film the whole room where I am taking the exam?

Before the exam

How should I prepare for an online exam with online proctoring?
How can I check if the Proctorio-extension in Chrome is installed properly?
When can I make the mock exam in Proctorio?

During the exam

What if something technically goes wrong while taking an exam via online proctoring?
If, for example due to technical problems, I start the exam later than the official start time, will I get extra time at the end?
Can I go to the toilet during a proctored exam?
How do I photograph my Tilburg University Card at the beginning of the exam?
What should I do if I do not have a Tilburg University card to identify myself?
The exam questions in Canvas are in another language than I expected. What can I do?
When I submitted my exam answers in Canvas, I got a white screen. Have my answers all been saved?

After the exam

Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire after my proctored exam?
Is it certain that a proctor will look at the recordings of my test?
Do students get to hear when the recordings are being viewed?
Does it take longer to grade proctored exams?

Software and internet connection

What hard- and software do I need to be able to make a proctored exam?
What happens if my internet connection is (intermittently) lost while I'm taking a proctored exam?
Will my answers be stored if my internet connection is lost during a proctored exam?
How fast does my internet connection have to be for a proctored exam?
Is Google Chrome necessary or do other browsers work as well?
What if I don't have the right computer or internet connection (e.g., insufficient RAM memory or no camera or microphone)?
Do Canvas and Proctorio work in all countries (e.g. China)?

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