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Alternative exams Tilburg Law School

Under Article 13 and 13a of the Rules and Regulations, the Examining Board imposes the following conditions on a request for an alternative examination.

In each academic year there are two examination opportunities for every course. An unwelcome change in your personal circumstances does not automatically entitle you to take an alternative examination. You are expected to make use of the scheduled examination opportunities if at all possible. If you are unable to take an examination at the first opportunity, you can always do so at the second examination opportunity.

Policy on hardship clause

An alternative examination is possible if the Examining Board is provided with sufficient evidence to establish that special circumstances have prevented you from taking an examination. The term ‘special circumstances’ is defined as a serious development of a personal nature affecting you, your parents or your brothers and/or sisters.

Transport problems do not count as special circumstances. Only large-scale and long-term transport problems may warrant an exception.

You are required to notify the university of your inability to take an examination due to special circumstances on the day of the examination at the latest. This should be done at Ask Student Desk, using the search string ‘alternative resit’. You should then request an alternative examination as soon as possible via the Examination Board Law School. Clearly state the course for which you wish to request an alternative examination.

When requesting an alternative examination you must always provide proof of the personal circumstances which prevented you from taking the scheduled examinations. 

To qualify for an alternative examination on medical grounds you have to supply at least one of the following documents:

  • a certificate from your doctor
  • a statement by your doctor’s assistant, including your name and the date of your doctor’s appointment
  • proof of an appointment with a doctor
  • a statement by the KNMG doctor’s federation, including the date and official stamp
  • referral document from a doctor, including the date and your name
  • a copy of the prescription for your medication, including the date and your name
  • a copy of the label on your prescribed medication, including the date and your name
  • a statement from a therapist

More information about documentation

When assessing the request for an alternative examination, the Examining Board will consider all relevant aspects of the case; the Examining Board must be convinced that your failure to take the examination was due to the special circumstances stated (causality). When evaluating your request, they may also take into account your academic progress and the nature of your degree program.

If you entirely unable to take any examinations due to special circumstances, please contact the study advisor / education coordinator. In that case, it is important to draw up a modified study plan that is as realistic as possible.