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Experimental subject hours

This page on experimental subject hours is meant for psychology students.

The system of experimental subject hours can only be accessed when the student administration has finalized the student’s application.   

Check available studies with which experimental subject hours can be earned

Regulations experimental subject hours

  1. As part of the experimental subject hours (ESH) arrangement, which is associated with the Academic Skills course, students are required to spend 20 hours as an experimental participant for the purposes of research in the psychology program. Experimental subject hours can be earned throughout the whole year. The credits for Academic Skills will only be allocated once the ESH requirement has been met.
  2. Signed up for a study = Participate. The researchers put a lot of effort and time into a study. If a student fails to show up he/she will hinder the progress of the study. Therefore, a student should always check in advance his/her schedule of the lectures, seminars and practicals.
  3. When a student does not show up without a valid reason for cancellation, the hours that a student can earn for that study will be subtracted from the total amount of hours that he/she has earned. This means a student may acquire a negative total amount of ESH.
  4. If a student wants to cancel his/her participation for a particular study the student will notify the experimenter/researcher by phone or email, at least 24 h before start of the study.
  5. The duration of the study will be rounded to half hours with a minimum of one half hour.
  6. An overview of the total acquired hours can be checked via ‘status’ in the ESH system.
  7. When there is any disagreement about the acquired number of experimental subject hours it is the responsibility of the student to show which studies were attended.