SPSS-Helpdesk for TSB students

The Department of Methodology & Statistics (MTO) runs a SPSS helpdesk that is available only for students of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB) who are working on a thesis project and who were not able to solve their statistical problem with the help of their supervisor.

The helpdesk provides help with data manipulation and analysis but only for the topics that are addressed in the MTO Bachelor courses. Questions about advanced statistical techniques that are not covered in the MTO Bachelor courses will not be answered by the SPSS helpdesk. Such techniques are multilevel analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, event history analysis, and process analysis.

Making an Appointment with the SPSS helpdesk

Making an appointment with the SPSS helpdesk is only possible via the electronic appointment system. In this system you must specify your help request as detailed as possible. The helpdesk consultant should be able to answer your questions within a timeslot of 40 minutes. 

Important: questions about thesis proposals, cursory research (tutorial) projects, and practicals are not answered by the SPSS Helpdesk consultant!