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Student Charter chapter 6: Financial aid for students - The profile fund

Chapter 6 of the Tilburg University Student Charter: Financial aid for students: The profile fund. In the Student Charter, students’ rights and duties are set out in the areas of education, tests and examinations, student facilities, participation, legal protection, etc.

6.1 Financial aid

The Executive Board will arrange financial aid for students who (article 7.51 ff. WHW).

a) are enrolled at the university in a program for which they have not yet been awarded a degree and for which statutory tuition fees are owed,

b) who are not taking the program, partly or wholly, owing to the presence of an exceptional circumstance, and who qualify or qualified for a performance-related grant, and

c) who have incurred a delay in their study or who are expected to incur a delay due to exceptional circumstances, or

d) are registered for a program for which the Executive Board has decided that the Master’s degree program will have a larger study load than 60 credits, or

e) are registered at the university for a program for which no new accreditation will be granted.

The Profile Fund Regulations contain the criteria and procedures for applications and handling. 

6.2 Erasmus plus supplementary scholarship

The Executive Board has established regulations in which students with an additional scholarship and an Erasmus plus grant will be supplemented by this Erasmus plus grant.  The Profile Fund lays down the criteria and procedures for application and awarding.