Studying and Student life

Profile fund Regulations 2018-19 chapter 2 Financial support for foreign students

1. Definitions

In these regulations, the following definitions shall apply:

a) WHW:
The Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek)

b) WSF 2000:
The Student Finance Act 2000

c) Academic year:
The year in which the student is registered, running from 1 September up to and including 31 August of the following year;

d) Support:
Financial reimbursement from Tilburg University’s Profile fund

e) Institutional tuition fees:
The tuition fees which must be paid by a student who is not eligible for the statutory tuition fees;

2. Purpose of this chapter

These regulations contains the elaboration of article 7.51d WHW, and are intended to provide financial support to foreign students if they incur a delay in their studies because of special circumstances and cannot therefore complete their studies within the length of the program, and/or if they are member of the boards of management participation bodies or student organizations.

3. Special circumstances

A student may invoke the following special circumstances for purposes of these regulations:

a) illness, or pregnancy and childbirth of the student;
b) physical, sensory, or other functional impairments;
c) the death of first-degree relatives;
d) a study program which is not sufficiently feasible;
e) recognition of the student as a Talent by the Executive Board (as mentioned in the Regulations Dual Career Status Tilburg University).

4. Conditions

1. A student shall only qualify for support if the student is enrolled in a full-time program and does not have a diploma for this program, and does not belong to one of the categories as meant in Article 2.2 of the Student Finance Act 2000 (WSF) and otherwise fulfills the conditions as meant in sub 2 and/or 3 of this Article.

2. The student has demonstrably fallen behind in his/her studies as a result of circumstances referred to in Article 3 (a-e) and
a. the study delay occurred during the period I which the student has been enrolled in a full-time program at Tilburg University, and
b. the student must have complied with the reporting requirement as described in Article 6, and
c. the student must comply with the agreements made in writing with the Dean of Students. These agreements are aimed at preventing or limiting further study delay, and
d. the student must have been enrolled as a full-time student and have paid tuition fees to Tilburg University during the period of delay, and.
e. the study delay occurred during the first four years of enrollment in higher education in or outside The Netherlands (five years of enrollment in a Master’s program of 120 ec or six years of enrollment in a Master’s program of 180 ec), and
f. the student meets the age criteria applicable in WSF 2000, and
g. the student does not rely on the Flex Study Scheme for the circumstance in question, and
h. insofar as the student invokes the circumstance as referred to in Article 3 (e), the student has no income from the relevant activities, and, if it concerns a rower, the student has NOC*NSF status or the student participates in Vidar’s RTC program.

3. The student shall qualify for a management participation grant as referred to in Chapter 1 of these Regulations.

5. Management participation grant

Chapter 1 applies for students who are eligible for support because of circumstances as referred to Article 3f of this Chapter. Articles 1-8 of this Chapter do not apply.

6. Obligatory reporting

1. To qualify for support, the student must report, or have someone else report, any circumstance mentioned in Article 3 (a) to (d) which might lead to a delay in completing his/her studies to the Dean of Students, submitting the necessary written documents. Reporting to the program's education coordinator shall not give rise to any rights. See also report study delay.

2. Special circumstances must be reported as soon as possible, but in any event within two months after the special circumstances arose. Support cannot be claimed for a delay which arose before this period, unless the student could not possibly report it earlier.

7. Application for and determination of support

1.The application for support must be submitted before the end of the academic year in which the delay arose.

2. The period of delay shall be determined taking into account various factors, such as the duration of the special circumstances, the scheduling for the study program, the actual delay incurred, and the period within which the delay can be made up, on the understanding that the support never shall be paid for a period longer than 3 months, regardless of the length of the actual delay.

3. The application must be submitted with the relevant supporting documents on the form adopted for this purpose, which shall be available from and must be submitted back to the Dean of Students.

4. Depending on the special circumstance invoked by the student, the following supporting documents in Dutch, English or German (in case of translation it must be a certified translation), must be sent with the form:
a) a statement from a doctor/psychologist/midwife practicing in the Netherlands;
b) a death notice from the register of births, deaths and marriages;
c) an overview of higher education programs previously pursued in or outside the Netherlands.

5. The student shall receive a decision on the application from the Executive Board within eight weeks after all relevant documents have been received. The decision shall indicate the possibility of and period for filing objections.

8. Amount and payment of the support

1. The monthly financial support amounts to € 290.

2. Students who pay the institutional tuition fees based on their nationality, and who are eligible for financial support under these regulations, for a period equivalent to the financial support period shall also qualify for reimbursement of the difference between the actual institutional tuition fees paid and the statutory tuition fees.

3. The support shall be granted in the form of a gift.

4. The support shall be paid monthly, as from the first of the month following the lapse of the period referred to in Article 4 sub 2 (e).

5. The maximum support will be three months per program year of the nominal duration of the program.

6. Cumulation of the circumstances referred to in Article 3 shall never result in financial support of more than three months per academic year.

9. Hardship clause

In very special circumstances whereby the refusal of a request by virtue of these regulations, or provisions contained in these regulations, would lead to unfairness of an overriding nature, the Executive Board can deviate from these regulations to the benefit of the student and at its own discretion.

10. Objection and appeal possibilities

The student concerned may file objections to decisions under these regulations. The objections must be filed at, within six weeks after the decision is announced.