Er zijn verschillende mogelijkheden om als student in beroep te gaan.

Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State (ABRvS)

If a student disagrees with the outcome of an objection procedure with the Executive Board (EB) or an appeal procedure with the Examination Appeal Board (EAB), the student may in a number of cases appeal in writing to the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State in The Hague. This is an independent appeals board.

Frequently asked questions about the ABRvS

What can I appeal against to the ABRvS?

The ABRvS handles appeals against decisions of the Examination Appeals Board (EAB) and appeals against decisions of (or on behalf of) the Tilburg University Executive Board. The latter may include decisions:

  • on exemption from prior education requirements and decisions on admission to examinations of international diploma holders;
  • on admission to the colloquium doctum;
  • on requests for enrollment and termination of enrollment;
  • on payment, exemption, reduction, and refund of tuition fees;
  • on financial compensations from the Profile Fund;
  • on the issuance of the certificate;
  • on denial of access to university buildings/grounds. A refusal to decide is considered equivalent to a decision, so this can also be appealed.
How should I file a notice of appeal?

Filing a notice of appeal to the ABRvS can be done by mail, fax, or e-mail. For additional information on filing a notice of appeal with the ABRvS click here (in Dutch). 

  • Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State
    PO Box 20019
    2500 EA  The Hague

Visiting address: 
Council of State
Kneuterdijk 22
2514 EN  The Hague

Telephone: 070 - 426 44 26
Fax: 070 - 365 13 80
For general questions e-mail:
Internet:  Administrative Jurisdiction  Division - Council of State

Do I have to pay court fees for an appeal to the ABRvS?

The student appealing must pay €50 in court fees (2023).

By what deadline should I appeal?

The appeal must be submitted in writing within six weeks of the EB's decision regarding the notice of appeal or the EAB's decision. A copy of the contested decision must be attached.

In my opinion, my appeal is urgent. Can my appeal be handled quickly?

In urgent cases, the student may apply to the ABRvS  for preliminary relief pending the decision, which is similar to interim relief proceedings (kort geding).
Example: the EB refuses to re-enroll a student for the new academic year while the resits and examinations are a few days later. In such cases, a court hearing can be convened even within a few days.

May I be represented at the ABRvS?

Both parties, the student and Tilburg University, may be represented by an authorized representative or assisted by counsel. The student may use an attorney-at-law but may also bring a family member.

When can I expect a ruling?

 The ABRvS aims to issue a ruling within three months.

I do not agree with the ruling. What steps can I take?

The rulings of the ABRvS are no longer subject to appeal.