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Complaints Procedure Undesirable Behavior

Tilburg University has a number of regulations pertaining to aberrant behavior. If you are confronted with unacceptable or inappropriate behavior such as bullying, sexual harassment, aggression, violence, discrimination, please contact one of the confidential advisors of Tilburg University.

You can lodge a complaint against unacceptable behavior within five years of the incident first taking place.

The confidential advisor represents the interests of the complainant. He or she does not generally act as a mediator between the accused and the complainant. He or she assists the complainant throughout the complaints procedure and gives advice and support when submitting a formal complaint to the Complaints Committee for Aberrant Behavior, if necessary. Even without a formal complaint, the confidential advisor is at liberty to inform the Executive Board about cases of unacceptable behavior that have come to his or her attention.

The Complaints Committee considers and investigates all formal written complaints. Within ten weeks after receipt of the complaint, the Complaints Committee will report the findings of its investigation to the Executive Board. Within four weeks after receipt of the report and the advice of the Complaints Committee, the Executive Board decides on how to proceed with the complaint. The hearings and reports of the Complaints Committee are not public.

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