Bij het CBE kun je in beroep gaan tegen bepaalde beslissingen van de universiteit.

How to lodge an appeal to the Examination Appeals Board (EAB)?

I have an ANR 

If you have a Tilburg University administration number (ANR), you can submit your appeal online by logging in with your ANR and password. You have to fill out the fields indicated. It is important that you clearly state which decision you are appealing against and that you give a clear reasoning why you disagree with this decision! You can attach documents in PDF format to your appeal (via the 'upload' button). It is important that you always enclose the decision against which you are lodging the appeal with your appeal. Make sure that the date of the decision is clearly stated in the PDF file. It is also possible to enclose correspondence (by e-mail or otherwise) or other documents that are relevant to the handling of your appeal.

Once you have filled out all the fields, click on the 'next' button. You can then read your entire appeal again. By clicking on the 'sent' button, your appeal is automatically sent to the EAB, and you will receive a copy of your appeal at your e-mail address. You can also submit a pro forma appeal via this website. You can indicate that you want to appeal pro forma in the field where you are asked for your motivation.

Lodge an appeal

I don't have an ANR

If you are not enrolled at the university and therefore do not have an ANR, you can submit your appeal by mail or e-mail.

If you send your appeal by mail, it is wise to do so by registered mail so that you have proof of the date of sending. If the appeal is not filed within six weeks after the contested decision was made, it is declared inadmissible. This means that no substantive decision is made. This is only different if you have a well-founded reason for the delay. Vacations or not having checked your e-mail in time are in any case no valid reason. 

You may address your appeal to:

Tilburg University
Central Disputes and Complaints Desk
Postbox 90153
5000 LE Tilburg

or by e-mail:

This appeal must meet the following requirements:

  • the appeal must reach the Central Disputes and Complaints Desk within six weeks of the decision you are appealing;
  • you must date the appeal;
  • clearly indicate the decision you are appealing against and attach a copy of the decision;
  • give reasons why you disagree with this decision;
  • you must sign your appeal;
  • attach a fully completed cover sheet