Students Tilburg University

How to lodge an appeal to the CBE?

I am registered at Tilburg University and I have a (six digit) administration number (anr)

If you have a six digit administration number you can lodge your appeal on line. Please log in with you anr and your password, fill out the form. It is important that you make clear what decision you appeal to and that you give the reasons why you don't agree with the decision. After filling out the form, you klick on the 'show' button and you will be able ro read your appeal. Click on the button 'send' and you letter of appeal will be automatically send to the CBE and you also will receive a copy on your email address. You can also appeal 'pro forma' on this website. Please explain in the field 'motivation' that is is a pro forma appeal.

I am not registered at Tilburg University and I do not have an administration number (anr)

If you are not registered (yet) you must lodge an appeal in a written letter (not by e-mail). Address the appeal to:

Examination Appeals Board (CBE)

Postbus 90153

5000 LE Tilburg

The Netherlands

An appeal must meet the following requirements:

  • the appeal must be received within six weeks after the opposed decision has been made
  • in the letter, you must state with reasons which decision you are appealing against and why;
  • you must date and sign the letter of appeal;
  • together with your letter of appeal, you must send a copy of the decision you appeal to;
  • you must enclose a completely filled out cover sheet.