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Within what time limit you need to lodge an appeal to the CBE?

If you want to lodge an appeal, it is crucial that you do this in time. Within six weeks after the decision which you want to appeal to, has been taken, the CBE must have received your letter of appeal. Is you are registered at Tilburg university, you can lodge an appeal on-line (see: procedure). If you are not registered you can send it by post. Please send it as registered mail, so you will have evidence that you have sent in in time.

If your appeal has not been filed within these six weeks, it will ultimately be disallowed by the chairman of the CBE. This means that no further substantive decision will be given. An exception to this is possible if special circumstances were involved through which you could not bring your appeal on time. In the judicial system, however, courts rarely prove to accept special circumstances.

Pro forma

If you need more than six weeks' time to substantiate the arguments for your notice of appeal properly, for example because you first want to obtain advice, you can file a 'pro forma' notice of appeal. A short letter stating that you want to bring appeal will suffice. You must also state why you do not yet have the opportunity to set out the grounds for your appeal. In this way, you can ensure that you have appealed within the time limit. The CBE will inform you of the period within which you must send the grounds for your notice of appeal - generally within 14 days.

Appeal to no or no timely decision

There may be instances where the examiner or Examining Board fails to issue a ruling in time, for example, where it concerns a request for an additional oral exam. The failure to reach a timely decision is also ground for appeal. In most cases, eight weeks is considered a reasonable amount of time for a decision to be reached. In some cases, the applicable rules and regulations may designate a specific time period. If the authority in question fails to reach a decision within this period, you will be entitled to lodge an appeal.

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