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On what does the CBE give decision?

The EAB examines whether the party who took the decision was able to reach that decision in all reasonableness on the basis of applicable rules and regulations. The Board will not, for example, give a substantive judgment on whether or not you should have obtained an exemption from a certain course, but will see whether the examination committee acted carefully and whether the examination committee could have reached its decision in all reasonableness. In other words: whether the examination committee correctly reviewed whether or not you should have obtained an exemption.

If the review was not conducted correctly, your appeal will be declared well-founded and the CBE will instruct the examination committee to take a new decision. So the fact that your appeal is declared well-founded does not mean that you will actually obtain the exemption. This holds also, for example for an appeal against the result of a certain interim examination.

The CBE does not review substantively whether you have answered a question correctly or incorrectly. The CBE does, however, review whether the manner of marking the examination was in accordance with the applicable rules. If this was not the case, the CBE can instruct the examiner to decide again. Once again, this does not necessarily mean that you will actually receive a higher mark!

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