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Exam regulations in academic year 2020-2021

Currently the exams are administered online or, if possible, on campus. For each examination, it will be announced whether the examination will take place online or on campus. If a student is not able to take examinations online or on campus, he or she can sign up for the examination regulations below.

  • Regulation I: taking an on-campus examination online in connection with restrictions or preferences by COVID-19.
  • Regulation II: taking an online examination on campus in connection with privacy concerns, technical circumstances or special personal circumstances.

Regulation I: taking an on campus examination online

When an examination is scheduled on campus, the student is generally expected to take the examination on campus, in the presence of a proctor. 

An exception applies to students in the following categories:

A. Students abroad as a result of travel restrictions related to COVID-19;

B. Students who belong to the at-risk groups for COVID-19 and, therefore, cannot come to the campus;

C. Students who have persons within their households who belong to the at-risk groups for COVID-19 and, therefore, cannot come to campus;

D. Students who are not allowed to come to campus because they are in self-quarantine because they themselves or persons from their households have tested positive for COVID-19 or have symptoms that may indicate COVID-19.

E. As long as the government’s COVID-19 risk level is 4 (severe), supplementary regulations apply for students in the next category: Students who, in connection with the government’s COVID-19 measures, prefer to take an exam online.

These students are given the opportunity to make the exam online at the scheduled time using online proctoring.

Category A to E students are asked to register as soon as possible when it is clear that they cannot or do not want to take the exam on campus. Register via the available web form for regulation I. In the web form the student has to include all examinations for which the student wants to make use of the regulation. Applications for category D and E students can be submitted up to 1 hour before the examination at the latest.

Procedure Regulation I   Web form Regulation I

Regulation II: taking an online exam on campus

When an examination is administered online, the student is generally expected to take the examination online. This may mean that the examination is proctored online or, in the case of an oral examination, recorded if the Examination Board deems this necessary to establish the student’s identity or to prevent fraud.

For students for whom this leads to concerns regarding willingness (in connection with privacy objections) or being able (in connection with special personal or technical circumstances) to participate in these online examinations, the following regulations have been drawn up.

A. Technical circumstances: Students who believe they do not have the right hardware, Wi-Fi/G4, internet connection etc. or who do not have a quiet home situation can announce this at the time of registration or at least 5 working days before the examination via the available web form. In consultation with the student, it will be examined whether—within the government measures and practical feasibility—a possible technical or other practical solution is possible to still be able to take part in the planned examination. However, in view of the restrictions mentioned, the possibilities are limited and a solution is not available (in a timely manner) in all cases.

B. Privacy concerns regarding online proctored exams: Students who, object to an online-proctored examination for reasons of privacy cannot be obliged to participate in an online proctored examination. If those students register for regulation II via the available web form, at the latest upon registration or at least 5 working days before the examination, they will be invited for a physically proctored examination on campus, if capacity permits. If the number of registrations exceeds the available capacity, this means that all students who have registered for this reason will be referred to a next examination opportunity. As a result, there is a chance that a student who does not wish to take the examination for this reason will suffer study delays.

C. Special personal circumstances: Students with (a) a serious disability or (b) a very special home situation that makes online examination impossible are known to the Dean of Students.  

  • If this is known to the dean of students, the student will be asked to register for the examinations in question via the web form.
  • If this is not yet known to the dean of students, the student is requested to report to with a brief description of their circumstances and to enclose a medical certificate or evidence(s). If you do not (yet) have them, please state why. In consultation between the Examination Board and the Dean of Students, it will be determined whether, how, and when examination can and will take place.
  • Please note: You also take the exam on campus online, in a place with a PC. If, due to a disability, you can only take your exam in writing, please contact

For students in categories A and C, an individual solution will be sought whereby the examination can preferably be taken on campus.

For students in category B, 100 places per examination block/time are reserved on campus to take the examination on campus with physical proctoring.

Registration for Regulation II will always be processed, provided the student registers up to and including 5 working days before the examination date. For example, if you have an exam on Monday, you can submit the form no later than the Monday before (until 23.59 p.m. on Monday evening). Please note that an official holiday is not a working day.
If you register less than five working days before the exam, the application will not be processed and you will have to make the exam online.

Procedure Regulation II  Web form Regulation II