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Scriptorium: a fresh perspective on your text

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Searching for information

A good academic text stands or falls with the use of the right sources, the correct processing of quotations and paraphrases in the text, and accurate source references. The library provides support in the search and processing of scientific information.

How to find information

  • On the home page of the library, you will find an overview of available information sources, web guides per discipline, and other useful information.
  • An introductory InfoSkills tutorial is available for each study program in which you learn how to recognize and find scientific publications.
  • The TIP tutorial builds on the InfoSkills tutorials. You will learn how to collect search terms, which techniques you can use when searching, and how to select the right documents from your search results.
  • The RefCite tutorial is especially designed to identify the source and prevent unintentional plagiarism. This tutorial includes a number of citation styles used at Tilburg University (APA, Chicago NB, Harvard, OSCOLA).
Which information sources can you use?
Support when searching information
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