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Medical aid for students

A general practitioner (GP) is called a 'huisarts' in Dutch. A general practitioner can be found via the on-line yellow pages under the heading of 'Doctor - General Practitioner'. Please first call the practice to ask whether they are accepting new patients (each practice has a maximum number of patients that they are allowed to see). Another option would be to contact your health insurance agency to request a list of practices that are accepting new patients.

A general practitioner can be consulted by appointments which can be made by phone or in person during consultation hours. Approximately ten minutes are allowed per patient. It is possible to ask for a double appointment in advance if you feel that this will be necessary. House calls are kept to a minimum. The costs for a consultation are approximately € 27. You will have to pay this amount in cash, but you can claim the expenses back from your insurance company.

General practitioner for international students

For international students, we recommend the following GPs:

Perron1 Huisartsen

  • Address: Spoorlaan 374, 5038 CD, Tilburg
  • Phone +31 (0)13 - 581 0065
  • By appointment only
  • Tel. for emergency: +31 (0)13 - 581 0066
  • More information: website Perron1 huisartsen

Huisartsenpraktijken Conservatoriumlaan

Huisartsenpraktijk Binnenstad

  • Address: Spoorlaan 366, 5038 CD, Tilburg
  • Phone +31 (0)13 - 5423225
  • By appointment only
  • Tel. for emergency: +31 (0)13 - 542 3225 choose 1
  • More information: website Huisartsenpraktijk Binnenstad (English)

Huisartsenpraktijk Kuijpers en Fransen

  • Address: Korvelplein 10, 5025 JN, Tilburg
  • Phone +31 (0)13 - 542 0505
  • By appointment only
  • Tel. for emergency: +31 (0)13 - 536 5882
  • More information: website Kuijpers en Fransen (Dutch)

General rules

  • Sometimes it is not always possible to make an appointment on the same day; in that case you will need to make an appointment at a later date.
  • If you have made an appointment and you decide not to come, or you are not able to come, please cancel your appointment!!
  • Please do not call the emergency number unless there is a real emergency (a life threatening event).
  • If you call outside office hours, you may be referred to another practitioner.
  • You might be asked to pay for the consultancy. You can claim these expenses from your health insurance.
  • Make sure your health insurance is in order!!

To consult a specialist you will need a referral from a general practitioner. Please note that, while it is quite difficult to find your own general practitioner, it is important to have one during your stay.

Emergency / outside office hours

In case of an emergency outside office hours of the GP's, you should contact the 'Centrale Huisartsenpost'. About 100 general practitioners work together to guarantee medical care at night, the weekend, and on official holidays.

First of all you must telephone: +31 (0)85 - 5360300

Rates in 2018

    • € 83.11 (consultation at the ‘Centrale Huisartsenpost’)
    • € 124.66 (home visit)
    • € 25 (telephone consultation) 

    You only get a consultation if it is really urgent. So always first contact a GP in your neighborhood or the above mentioned GP's.

    Visiting address

    • Lage Witsiebaan 2a, 5042 DA Tilburg

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