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Student associations

Tilburg University is home to a whole range of student associations and societies. They are a great way to meet like-minded students and make friends. There are organizations for arts and culture, sports, student politics and philosophy as well as study-related associations. You will also find organizations aimed specifically at international students which organize all kinds of social activities. We believe that student associations provide the ideal opportunity for every student to develop non-academic skills and talents.

Please find an overview of Tilburg University's student associations below:

Study associations

Tilburg School of Economics and Management

Faculty Association Asset is the study association for all students studying economic and management at Tilburg University. Besides organizing social events and offering study support, Asset also focuses on organizing career events such as the Economic Business weeks Tilburg, the Asset Inhouse Days and the Business Night. Furthermore Asset consists of seven departments who offer services for their specific study.

  • Asset | Account & Finance aims at finance, accountancy and controlling.
  • Asset | Econometrics serves the bachelor in Econometrics and the masters QF/AS, OR/MS, EME and MR.
  • Asset | Economics serves students interested in Economics and/or students in the bachelor’s programs Economics, Economics and Business Administration and the master’s program Economics.
  • Asset | International Business & Manangement serve the students of the bachelor study program International Business Administration and the master study program International Management.
  • Asset | Marketing is for all students interested in Marketing, Marketing Research and Communication.
  • Asset | SBIT serves Bachelor’s students ‘Economie en Informatica’ and (pre-)Master’s students Information Management.
  • Asset | Strategy & Logistics targets students of Tilburg University who are interested in the field of Strategy and/or Logistics.
  • MAK

Students Fiscal Economics can become a member of the 'De Smeetskring'.

Tilburg Law School

Student society Magister offers study-related social activities that focus on criminal law, civil law, law and management, law and technology and international and European law. Magister publishes the school magazine four times per year, and offers a 10% discount on books. The student council is also a part of Magister.

A volunteer organization that provides free legal assistance to those who need it but are not capable of paying for it themselves is ‘De Rechtswinkel' (‘legal shop’). Tilburg tax consultant society De Smeetskring is het student society for tax law students at Tilburg Law School.

ELSA is short for European Law Students’ Association: a student society for law students that operates all throughout Europe. Student society for legal history, De Vierschaar, exists both for students and teachers. Any aspect of legal history is associated with it. The Tilburg Law Review is a legal magazine that is published quarterly. Editors include students and teachers of Tilburg Law School.

Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Every Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences program has its own student association. These associations managed entirely by students and have the aim to make the student life cozy ((get-togethers, parties, study tours) and challenging (symposia, congresses). Are you interested? For more information you can visit the websites of the student associations:

  • Complex (Psychology) supports students by organizing both study related and relaxing activities.
  • Input (Human Resource Studies) serves Bachelor and Master students by organizing both study related and relaxing activities.
  • Polis (Organization Studies and Global Management of Social Issues) serves the students of both studies by organizing both study related and relaxing activities.
  • Versot (Sociology) serves students by organizing study related and relaxing activities.

Tilburg School of Humanities

The School of Humanites has five Student associations:

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

Student associations

Student sports associations

In the Netherlands, sports competitions are generally organized by sports associations and federations. This is also the case at the Sports Center. Both training and competition matches in over twenty sports are run by the relevant sports associations.

Federation of Student Sports Tilburg represents the interests of all Sports pass holders.

Cultural associations

Entrepreneurship, Internships and work

Tilburg University has a number of organizations focused on work and internship mediation:


The University Council represents both students and staff. The students in the council are member of student fraction SAM or Front.



Other associations

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