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Chronic Illnesses

A chronic illness is frequently not apparent to other people, but this does not mean that your condition is any less problematic for you as a student. It may be wise to tell your counselor and/or fellow students about your illness so that they have a better understanding of your situation.

Chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, Crohn's disease, asthma, arthritis and ME/CFS are examples of chronic conditions with wide ranging consequences. These conditions can give rise to fatigue and concentration problems and require doctor or hospital appointments, all of which can cause students to fall behind with their work.

There are also other illnesses − such as glandular fever, for example − that may not be chronic, but can nevertheless persist for prolonged periods and affect the progress of your studies.

You should therefore always inform the student counselor if you are concerned about falling behind with your studies. Please check the Facilities webpage for an overview of all educational facilities.

More information or advice

Students with a disability who have questions about educational facilities or want advice on special arrangements or practical tips on how to manage their studies should contact the academic advisor of their school.