Students Tilburg University

Concentration problems

Although it can be very difficult to maintain concentration levels for prolonged periods, strong powers of concentration are required when studying and following lectures.

Concentration problems can have many causes, both psychological and physical, but whatever the reason might be, such problems frequently result in demotivation and cause students to fall behind with their work. You should therefore always inform the student counselor if you are concerned about falling behind.

To get help with your concentration problems you can contact the Student Services Centre. They can offer assistance in the form of a workshop on how to study more efficiently (Dutch). A properly designed workstation, coupled with clear, achievable objectives and regular breaks will help you to be more efficient in your studies. Assistance is also available from the student psychologist.

Students with a disability who have questions about educational facilities or want advice on special arrangements or practical tips on how to manage their studies should contact the education coordinator of their school.