Students Tilburg University

Facilities: studying with a disability

For students with a functional impairment, the university offers a number of study facilities, including facilities related to studying, to the library and to texts, and special arrangements for taking exams. In the overviews of the facilities given below, you can also find who to turn to apply for these facilities.

The university will in certain cases also provide financial support if you fall behind with your studies due to special circumstances (such as illness or a disability). In order to be eligible for this support, you must have reported this problem to your academic advisor or student counselor in good time. See financial assistance for more information.

Generally speaking, the university buildings have good transport links and external and internal access. There are disabled parking spaces in the car parks and every building has one or more disabled toilets. To find out which buildings are less accessible, go to the menu item accessibility.

The Student Sports Center is also very well equipped for disabled students. If you need special adjustments to be able to exercise or to just enjoy all sports possibilities, please contact the Sports manager.

Students with a disability who have questions about educational facilities or want advice on special arrangements or practical tips on how to manage their studies should contact the education coordinator of their school.