In sommige gevallen kun je in aanmerking komen voor financiële voorzieningen als je een functiebeperking hebt

Financial assistance: studying with a disability

If you have a disability that causes study delay, you can apply for various financial arrangements. The following applies to almost all: report the disability or (chronic) illness to the dean of students as soon as possible (i.e. at the start of your studies), but in any case within two months.

If you are entitled to Dutch study finance (only for EER-nationalities) and you are delayed in your studies because of medical reasons, there are different financial facilities (as this information is only in Dutch, contact the dean of students for more information),

If you are delayed (or facing delay) because of medical reasons, regardless your nationality, you can obtain further information from the dean of students. Contact them at, because the regulations can be very different depending on your nationality.

Extra financial support is available for students with a disability who want to go on exchange with the ERASMUS program. Please contact for more information.

Nearly all of these arrangements require students to report their disability or chronic illness to the dean of students as soon as possible.

For extended information, see  study delay.