Students Tilburg University

Sensory impairments

Studying with a sensory impairment is a difficult challenge, but certainly not an impossible one. The university endeavours to assist such students with their studies by providing various educational facilities. A number of practical facilities are also available for students with hearing and visual impairments.

For the hearing impaired two systems are applied: the FM system and induction loop system. The application of the systems is indicated on the access door and at the cabin.

In the library (L101) there is an ALVA braille display for the visually impaired, which can be used for word processing, consulting databases and catalogs, e-mail, etc. Near the braille display you will also find a video magnifier (CCTV) and a reading desk with extra lighting. Please contact the Library Desk first at if you want to make use of these facilities. 

Nearly all of the university's photocopiers have facilities for text enlargement. If necessary, STUDIO can also provide this service. Consult your education coordinator first.


Do you have questions about facilities, want advice on regulations or practical tips on how to organize your studies if you suffer from a disability? Then contact the education coordinator of your School.