Duale carriere betekent topsport en studeren combineren

Dual Career

Tilburg University is proud of its students with Dual Careers (such as sports, performing arts or entrepreneurship). The university supports these students in the best way possible in order to facilitate the successful combination of their two careers.

Do you have a Dual Career? 

Directly apply for talent status

The dual career regulations are part of the student charter and concerns those students in the following categories:

  • Student Athletes
  • Sport Coaches
  • Sport Officials
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Gamers
  • Performing Artists

Facilities for Dual Career students

Tilburg University provides facilities to students who want to combine their dual careers.  Among others the university offers additional student supervision and in some cases financial assistance when dual career activities cause delays in study progress.

You can find a complete overview of the facilities for dual career student athletes on the website.

Stefan Groothuis on Youtube on his dual career as a student of Tilburg University with a talent status.

Rowing and hockey as core sports

The university has chosen two core sports: rowing and field hockey. These typical student sports will receive extra university support. The kind of support Tilburg University offers can be found on rowing and field hockey sub pages of the website.

Wall of Fame

Tilburg University is very proud of its excelling students and provides facilities for student athletes to enable them to combine their academic and athletic careers. Tilburg University honors those who excel in combining these two careers on the Wall of Fame at the Sport Center.

More information on the talent status?

Contact the Dual Career Officer.