Duale carriere betekent topsport en studeren combineren

Rights (facilities) and obligations Dual Career

The university offers various facilities to top-level athletes, such as extra supervision, financial support and special educational arrangements.


Dual career officer

The dual career officer is the central point of contact for dual career students. You will discuss your personal situation with the dual career officer at the start of the academic year, taking into account any issues relating to your study or second career schedule and find solutions. The dual career officer will keep an eye on your study results and invite you for a chat if he or she sees reason to do so.  An  appointment with the dual career officer  can be made directly via this Link.

Education coordinator

You will also make an appointment with the education coordinator in order to make a study schedule and find solutions for specific problems. An example of this is exemption from compulsory attendance, dates or methods of examination (such as an extra retake or a replacement assignment). The study counselor will examine how and which solution can be created within the options that the faculty offers. Specific agreements will be made in this regard.

Changes and problems

If there are changes to your schedule or if problems arise such as injuries or disappointing study results, you will be expected to report these to the dual career officer yourself and, where necessary, make an appointment to discuss possible solutions. Report expected problems before they occur; a solution can't be found after the fact if, for example, you are unable to attend an exam because you have an important competition.

Naturally, you can also inform the dual career officer if things are going well or if you have made outstanding sporting achievements.

Be aware: not everything is always possible. You are the one who chose to combine your two careers, so you will have to take the rough with the smooth. The basic principle, however, is that Tilburg University will try to meet your needs as much as possible, provided you commit 100% to your study. It's not possible to create a one-on-one customized program. The regular schedule will be used as the starting point.


There is a separate Canvas page for students with a talent status. The purpose of this page is to inform dual career students about topics that are relevant to this group. The page also contains an overview of all relevant procedures.

Financial support

Financial support in the events of delays

If your dual career activities prevent you from graduating within the first 48 months of your enrollment in higher education, you may be entitled to receive a maximum of 12 months' financial support on the basis of your talent status. This financial support is granted from the Profile Fund and amounts to €290 per month.

As soon as you have received 48 months of Dutch 'DUO'grant or after 48 months in higher education, an assessment will be made to determine how much financial support will be paid (three months per year in which study delay has occured ánd you were in the possession of a talent status, with a maximum of one year for a talent status lasting four years). 

Delays caused by dual career activities will only count in the first four years of your first course. Dual career students who have already completed higher professional education and made full use of a student grant can by definition therefore no longer claim financial support.

Students with an income from their dual career activities (contract players, entrepreneurs, professional performers) are excluded from this financial assistance.

Financial support for international competitions and training camps

Tilburg University offers financial support for participation in international competitions and traineeships. Each student is entitled to receive up to 500 euros a year. The procedure for applying for this type of support can be found on the Canvas page for dual career students. This facility is not available for rowers that are not part of the RTC program or national program of the KNRB.

Education and examination Regulations (OER)

The OERs of the different faculties include provisions regarding dual career students. Read the official regulations at:

  • School of Economics & Management Bachelors courses Article 4.5; pre-masters and masters courses Article 4.4; premaster courses art. 4.6
  • School of Humanities Bachelor programs art. 6.2.7
  • Law School Examination Rules & Regulations Article 13 b
  • School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Bachelors Courses Article 8.2; pre-masters and masters courses Article 6.2
Binding Recommendation

You will be expected to achieve the standard for the binding recommendation. In consultation with the dual career officer at the start of the first academic year agreements will be made about your expected study progress. The dual career officer will advise the Examination Board about the binding recommendation that will be taken by the Examination Board at the end of the first year.

Sports facilities

The Sports Center offers extra facilities, such as different training hours, a training area and cardio fitness facilities. dual career students might be eligible for re-imbursement of the costs of a Sportsmembership. The procedure for applying for re-imbursement can be found on the Blackboard page for dual career students. NOTE: reimbursement for a sport membership will only be available for those students of which works outs at the sport center are necessary for their dual career.

Medical facilities

As a student with a talent status at Tilburg University, due to sports,  you will be treated at the Sports Medical Center Tilburg within 24 hours (also in the weekend). You must specify that you have top-level sports status when you make the appointment.

Dual Career Certificate

There will be no reference to your Dual Career on your diploma. However, it is possible to request a Dual Career certificate from the dual career officer when you graduate.

This certificate is proof that you have managed to combine your university studies with a second career (elite athlete, entrepreneur, artist, etc.). It is possible to apply for a certificate for both your Bachelor's and Master's programs. The conditions are that you must have been awarded a talent status by the university at some point during your course. For more information, and to request a certificate, please contact the dual career officer.

What is expected of students with a talent status

Tilburg University invests a lot of time and energy into supervising dual career students. Therefore we expect you to take your study seriously, to communicate openly with all university staff and to understand that not everything is possible. Furthermore, you will be expected to be available for Tilburg University’s publicity activities and - when requested - assist with (sports) activities; for example give a clinic or demonstration.