Field Hockey

Field hockey is one the main student sports in the Netherlands and the hockey density (the number of field hockey players divided by the number of inhabitants) in Noord-Brabant is the highest in the country. Tilburg University wishes to contribute in increasing the level of hockey in Noord-Brabant even more and does so mainly in close cooperation with HC Tilburg and other hockeyclubs of Noord-Brabant (such as HC Den Bosch, Oranje-Rood).

Field hockey players

In order for a field hockey player to qualify for a talent status, he or she needs to play at the highest national level or the student should be part of a national (youth) selection. At the moment, there are several field hockey players with a talent status at Tilburg University. In the past students played for Dutch premier division teams such as Oranje-Rood (Eindhoven), HC Den Bosch, Push (Breda), MOP Vught, HC Bloemendaal, HGC Wassenaar and off course HC Tilburg, but there are also students who are active at the highest level in Belgium and Germany.

HC Tilburg

Since 2009, Tilburg University supports field hockey club HC Tilburg and a close cooperation has arisen. There are, for example, (international) students in the first team of HC Tilburg who study at the university, and both facilities and expertise are often exchanged between Tilburg University Sports Center and HC Tilburg. In addition, the university collaborated with other main Noord-Brabant hockeyclubs since 2015 as well.

Hockey Grant

Hockey and Rowing are considered Core Sports by Tilburg University, therefore, the university provides student athletes in these sports with extra facilities. For Hockey Tilburg University provides Grants student athletes that excel in both Hockey and Academics. At the end of 2014-2015 Camille van Emstede was the first recipient of a hockey grant as a goalie for HC Tilburg and student at Tilburg University. Dozens of students have received a hockey grant since.

In order to be able to apply for such a Grant, student athletes need to play Hockey on a Hoofdklasse team, study at Tilburg University and show the possibility to both show good result both on the hockeypitch as the lecture hall. For more information on the Hockey Grant, contact our dual career officer.

Testimonials receivers Hockey Grant

Bas Scheer

Lisa Scheerlinck & Floortje Maas

Greg Nolan

Sander van Berkel