Topsport combineren met een studie aan Tilburg University via een duale carriere


Rowing is one of the main student sports in the Netherlands and the Dutch rowing top is completely intertwined with the top in student rowing. In the last few years, T.S.R. Vidar, Tilburg’s student rowing club, has demonstrated that an ambitious policy and perseverance can lead to competitive successes. Tilburg University plays an important role in these successes.


In rowing, it is possible to start as a student and grow into an (international) top rower during the course of your studies. As of the first year, the training schedule amounts to 6-8 trainings per week. In subsequent years, this might increase to a maximum of 14 times per week.

Tilburg University recognizes that starting such a track makes an enormously positive contribution to a student’s development. That is why the university has decided to encourage students, at an early stage in their studies, to start rowing and to coach these students in order for them to be able both to reach the top and successfully complete their studies.

To assure this, the university and Vidar are constantly in touch to gear the rowing trainings and internships as well as possible to the academic program. In addition, all rowers in the competitive selection receive a special talent status offering them extra study coaching and facilities. In general, Tilburg University hosts about 40-50 rowers with a talent status per academic year.


The professionalization of T.S.R. Vidar over the past few years has been significantly supported by Tilburg University. In cooperation with the TU Eindhoven, T.S.R. Vidar and E.S.R. Thêta, Marloes van der Weide has been appointed to help students optimally develop their aspirations as a top rower.

The fleet

T.S.R. Vidar employs a structured boat plan, allowing their competitive rowers to compete at the highest international level with the best materials. Tilburg University has played an important role over the past few years in helping build the T.S.R. Vidar fleet.


In cooperation with T.S.R. Vidar, Rabobank Tilburg, Noord-Brabant province, the City of Tilburg, and Heineken, Tilburg University has been able to realize top sport accommodation for its rowers. This accommodation is also regularly utilized by international rowing crews to prepare for important tournaments and regattas.