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Having doubts about your choice of program and/or considering a switch?

This site is meant for students who, for whatever reason, have doubts about their choice of program or career. Having doubts about your choice of program is not unusual. One in five students switches programs in their first year or drop out entirely. Many students do not prepare well for their choice of program and select one based on minimal information. What about you? Do you know what you are really good at? What program optimally suits your qualities and interests?

What to do if you have doubts about your choice and consider switching

First of all, it is important to acknowledge the feeling. The second step is to take action based on your feelings of doubt and uncertainty by collecting and analysing as much information as possible and not to rush into making a decision. Government rules sometimes require you to make a quick choice. This can put so much pressure on you that you may make an ill-considered choice. Please take the time to find out what options are open to you and which one best suits your personal situation.

The choice process consists of the following steps.

  1. Developing your self-image (who am I?);
  2. Identifying your abilities (what am I good at?) and interests (what would I like to do?);
  3. Gathering information on the program and the corresponding career paths and job perspectives;
  4. Making a responsible choice in which you assess your own talents and ambitions in light of the follow-up program and careers.

Workshops & Training and Individual guidance

Within the university, enough guidance is available to help you if you have doubts about your choice of program. Especially for first-year students, Student Career Services organizes the Reorientation on Study Program workshop dealing with the above aspects.

In addition, Student Career Services offers more workshops and training that may help you if you are having doubts about your program. Are you a Bachelor’s student and do you want to choose a Master’s program? If you are in doubt about your choice or want to reconsider, the Orientation on Master’s choice workshop offers good preparation and support in making your choice.

If there is no suitable workshop available, you can opt for individual guidance by the Career Services Officer.