Students Tilburg University

Flexible Studying at Tilburg University

It is possible (for selected target groups and under certain conditions) to participate in a pilot project on Flexible Studying.

The requirements for the 2019-2020 academic year

Flexible Studying enables students to take fewer courses in an academic year, with a minimum of 18 ec and a maximum of 42 ec per academic year, and to only pay for the courses selected (plus a 15% administrative fee). It will be possible to start in February as well, under modified conditions. Students will be able to study flexibly for a maximum of six academic years (with 2022-2023 being the last year).

In the pilot phase, the Flexible Studying Regulations will apply to three target groups:

  1. Student athletes (with a registered Top-Sport Status of Tilburg University); with a maximum of 19 applicants per academic year
  2. Informal carers; with a maximum of 19 applicants per academic year
  3. Entrepreneurs (registered with Tilburg University Brabant Startup Alliance:  Braventure); with a maximum of 19 applicants per academic year.
  4. Students with chronical illness; with a maximum of 18 applicants per academic year.

Admission takes place in order of application.

Applications for flexstudy does not concern any of the following courses:

  • Bachelor Global Law; croho code 56475
  • Bachelor Data Science (joint degree); croho code 55018
  • Master Data Science and Entrepeneurship (joint degree); croho code 65018
  • Master Communication- and information science (research); croho code 60834

Applicants to the flexstudy pilot agree to participate in the evaluation of the flexstudy pilot.

Regulation regarding participation and (premature) termination of participating in the flexstudy pilot are included in the Regulations Flexible studying

The regulations for resits of exams and the validity period are equal to the Rules and Regulations of the concerning faculty.

Students who belong to at least one of the target groups and who are interested in flexible studying can report to the Flexible Studying coordinator at before July 1st.