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Major - Minor

The main specialization of your program is called a major. The minor is the part of your program that you can complete yourself. For example, you can take courses at other Schools, universities in the Netherlands or abroad. The major-minor structure provides you with optimal flexibility in organizing your study program. Each School has its own program.

Major – specialization

In several study programs a specialization (major) is part of the curriculum. After the first year you have to choose one of the available specializations. A specialization consists of a fixed set of courses.

Video tutorial: How to register for a specialization (in Dutch) (major).

Minor - What is a minor?

The minor is the part in your bachelor’s program in which you are free to choose the courses you want to study. With this minor you can give a personal touch to your education. For example you can combine a bachelor in Human Resource Management with a minor in Sociology.

In addition, the minor can provide direction for further education or career prospects.

    How do you register your minor?

    Note: you still need to enrol for the minor courses separately in Osiris Student. If you register a minor, the grades of your minor courses will automatically be registered properly on your transcript. If you don't register, the grades will appear as 'in process' until you enter a minor title.

    For some programs, you also do electives. That gives you even more space to design your program to your liking. The minor- and elective courses combined form the free space of your education.

    Can I also take (minor) courses at another university in the Netherlands?

    Yes, you can take minor courses at another university. Whether the courses may be included in your program and appear on your grade list should be checked in advance with your own School . Who you can inquire about this with varies per School.

    • TiSEM students: inquire with your education coordinator in advance.
    • TLS students: inquire with your education coordinator in advance.
    • TSHD students: inquire with your Examination Board in advance.
    • Catholic Theology students : inquire with your education coordinator in advance.
    • TSB students: please fill out the Student Desk form as follows:
      • Fill in the mandatory fields
      • Choose as a subject Application Contract Education
      • Mention the following at the Request field:
        • The name of the university where you want to follow the courses
        • The course names (including course codes)
        • The number of ECTS

    TSB students receive a statement from the Student Desk authorizing them to take these courses.

    Entrance requirements?

    Please note that there are sometimes entry requirements for courses. Check whether you can take those courses. Also check whether there are any (administrative) costs for taking a minor or courses elsewhere.


    What must you do to have grades credited to your grade list?

    • Students of TiSEM, TLS, TSHD and Catholic Theology: submit a request to the examination board of your faculty.
    • TSB students: go to the Student Desk with the original grade list/certificate. The Student Desk will ensure that the grades are registered.
    May I take minor courses at another faculty at Tilburg University?

    That too is allowed. It is permissible to take courses at another faculty. However, the other faculty may have entrance requirements for the course and a course may not be open to students from other programs. So make sure you are actually allowed to take the course. Please inquire in advance with your education coordinator

    Can I also take minor courses abroad?

    Yes, there is room built into most programs to go on an exchange. See the Study Abroad website for more information.