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Major - Minor

Major – specialization

In several study programs a specialization (major) is part of the curriculum. After the first year you have to choose one of the available specializations. A specialization consists of a fixed set of courses.

Video tutorial: How to register for a specialization (in Dutch) (major).

Minor - What is a minor?

The minor is the part in your bachelor’s program in which you are free to choose the courses you want to study. With this minor you can give a personal touch to your education. For example you can combine a bachelor in Human Resource Management with a minor in Sociology.

In addition, the minor can provide direction for further education or career prospects.

Am I allowed to follow (minor-)courses from another institution in the Netherlands?

Yes you are. You (probably) have to register as an initial student (bijvakstudent) at the institution of your choice. Therefore, you need permission from Tilburg University. If you fill out the Student Desk contact form with a request for permission to follow courses at another university. Please mention:

  • your ANR
  • the name of the university 
  • the names/codes of the particular courses + number of ECTS

The Student Desk will then provide you with a statement of permission. For TSB students: After you have completed the courses, go to the Student Desk with the original transcript of records to make sure your grades are registered.