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Free space in the bachelors of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB)

Here you will find more information on the free space in the bachelor programs of Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (TSB).

Free space

The free space consists of:

1. Minor courses: each TSB-program has been designed to have room for a minor in year 3. For the minor you can choose from: 

  • A Standard Minor: this is a carefully combined package of courses that all relate to a certain field, so that you can specialize further next to your major. 
  • Minor- (and electives) abroad - an exchange
  • A free or self-compiled minor: as a TSB student, you have the ability to compose your own minor. 

2. Electives: some TSB-bachelor programs contain one or two free electives, apart from the minor. 

Conditions for filling the free space

  • 18 ECTS worth of minor courses (or 30 ECTS if your program does not have electives)
  • 12 ECTS wort of electives
  • No master's courses
  • No course that has a lot of overlap with a course from your own program.
  • No language course as an elective 

From September 1st 2022 it is no longer allowed to fill in a language course as an elective without permission from the Examination Board of TSB. If you have already passed (a) language course(s) before September 1st 2022, you can still use it for your program without permission of the Examination Board - how many are allowed differs per program.  

  •  First-year courses in the free space 

From September 1st 2022, you are allowed to use first-year courses from another program for the free space of your study program (so, as minor- or elective).  How many courses are allowed differs per program.

Note: obviously, content-wise, the courses cannot overlap too much with courses in your program.

Note: If you finished first-year courses elsewhere before September 1st 2022, and you want to use those for your free space, then you will have to get permission from the Examination Board of TSB.  

You can file a request for an exemption for the free space course(s), or explain that you want to use it as an elective or minor course.  

This request also counts for courses from higher years that you did in a different, not completed, program.  


*Note for the psychology bachelor: when you do your minor and/or electives abroad, you don't necessarily have to do psychology courses. You basically have 5 electives then.*

It is allowed to take courses at other schools of Tilburg University. The other school may set entry requirements for some courses and it may not be accessible to students from other programs. Make sure you know you are actually allowed to take their course!

You can also take courses at different Dutch universities. The same conditions apply as for doing the minor/electives here. The Student Desk can help you with the registration procedure. 


Make sure your study load does not get unrealistically high in some blocks. It can happen that courses are offered at the same time or that the exams take place at the same time. Try to take this into consideration in your study plan. You can always see the schedule for the whole semester ahead in Mytimetable.

If you notice two exams are scheduled on the same day, don't wait until the exam times are published, contact the scheduling department straight away. If you report it early, the exams might not be scheduled at the same time, although this cannot be guaranteed. 

Help in making your choice

It's your own responsibility to make conscious and responsible choices. If you need help with this, you can make an appointment with your Education Coordinator


During the 1st and 2nd year of your bachelor, more information will be given about filling the free space of your program. For example, each year the TSB Major-Minor Market is organized. 

Also see our Canvas pages for more information on this. In the module of your own program you will find a PowerPoint presentation about the free space.