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Minors in the bachelors of Social and Behavioral Sciences

What is a minor?

The minor is the space in your bachelor’s program in which you are free to choose the courses you want to study. With this minor you can give a personal touch to your education. For example you can combine a bachelor in Human Resource Management with a minor in Sociology.

The composition of your bachelor’s program

Your bachelor study exists of:

  • The first study year: 60 ECTS
  • The second and third study year:
    • Major = mandatory courses + bachelor thesis
    • Minor = program of elective courses

The minor is a required part of your bachelor’s program. If you have not completed your minor, you cannot get your bachelor’s degree yet. For more information about the minor and courses, check the Rules and Examination Regulations.

How do you submit your minor-choice?

to be confirmed

What can I choose from?

Minor information

You will receive more information about the major- and minor-choice during the first year of your bachelor. Each year, a major-minor market is organized. You can find the information about the minors presented under standard minor.