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Standard minor Social and Behavioral Sciences

A standard minor is a carefully compiled package of courses which are all related to a certain discipline. TSB offers a large amount of standard minors, and you can also find standard minors for other education programs at Tilburg University or other universities. Some standard minors are offered in both Dutch and English, while others are Dutch-taught or English-taught.

As a TSB-bachelor student, you can decide if you want to do a standard minor or if you want to compile a minor to your own choice. If you choose to do a standard minor, you can do this at TSB or elsewhere. 

You can also use the file under the button below to compile a free minor. You can see which course is offered in which block and that way you can build a free minor. The courses marked in yellow can only be taken by students who do that complete major and cannot be chosen as a minor course.See the overview of standard TSB minors

Bachelor students, who do not study at TSB, can still do a TSB-standard minor.

Take a look at the Education Catalog for more information about the courses in the standard minors. Search with the unique course code for more information about the content and methods of the course.

If you, as a TSB student, choose for a minor Sociology, Organization Studies of Resource Studies, you are automatically accepted for the corresponding master. For a master in Psychology there are additional requirements. For more information, check the page for the Master's programs.