Students Tilburg University

Study Progress Monitoring Non-EU Students

The study progress monitoring regulation orders degree seeking students with a residence permit based on study purposes to obtain at least 50% of the nominal number of ECTS per academic year or a part of it if the student started his studies later than 1 September.

ECTS example

Based on a study load of 60 ECTS per academic year, a student starting his studies September 1, must obtain at least 30 ECTS before August 31 the following year. A student starting his studies February 1, must obtain at least 15 ECTS before August 31 the same year.

ECTS credits requirement for pre-Master programs

In case you have been accepted for a pre-Master program, you need to complete the pre-Master program within one academic year. This means you need to obtain all ECTS allocated to your pre-Master program. In case you do not complete your pre-Master program within the aforementioned time frame, we are in principle required to deregister you with the IND. In this event, the Immigration Office will inform you accordingly. 

Time frame

Study progress is monitored every academic year. The credits obtained between September 1 and August 31 of the following year will be taken into account for that specific academic year. After each academic year, Tilburg University determines your annual study progress and reports on this to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

Before the start of your study program, the Immigration Office of Tilburg University asks you to sign an authorization form. By signing the form, you give permission to the Immigration Office to share information regarding your study progress with the Academic Advisor at your School, the Dean of Students and the IND while you are registered as a student at Tilburg University.

Consequences of insufficient study progress

If you do not have sufficient study progress at the end of one academic year and you do not have a valid reason approved by the Dean of Students, the Immigration Office of Tilburg University needs to report this to the IND. The IND will then revoke your residence permit for study purposes.

Consequently, you would have to withdraw from your study program at Tilburg University and you would essentially need to leave the Netherlands. In case you wish to stay in the Netherlands, please contact the IND for alternative options (e.g. change the purpose of stay, study at another institution).

Switching to a different program

In case you want to switch to a different program, you are not allowed to enroll in a different program at Tilburg University. You can only switch to a program at a different institution.

Excusable reasons for insufficient study progress

If you encounter problems that keep you from meeting the 50% requirement (or all ECTS in case of a premaster program), it is important that you inform your education coordinator to discuss your study planning and study method.

Important: you need to report special circumstances to the Dean of Students as soon as the problems occur, and you need to prove these circumstances with written proof. Only then will your situation be taken into account.

Only students with a valid reason will not be reported to the IND. The following reasons can possibly prevent your residence permit from being revoked:

  •     Serious illness.
  •     Exceptional family circumstances.
  •     Pregnancy.
  •     Physical, sensorial or other functional disturbance.
  •     Membership or position on a university board.
  •     Insufficiently feasible study program.

Important: each reason can be used only once!