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Workshop 'Study Skills'

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not really sure how to study efficiently? Do you spend hours staring at your books without retaining any information? Are you having doubts about your study methods? Do you start preparing for your exams too late? Studying is the process of carefully reviewing course material over a period of time until you have mastered it. It is not easy to find the right balance between carefully planned study activities and sufficient time to relax.

What will you learn?

This workshop explains how to efficiently plan your studies so you can stay focused, stay on top of your coursework and enjoy your studies at the same time. We offer tips and advice on how to approach your studies. You will learn how to carefully plan your study activities and find out more about the conditions necessary to create an atmosphere that is conducive to studying.


This workshop offers you a lot of information and study tips in a short amount of time. Bring two course books (textbooks) to practice techniques during the workshop.

Workshop Information
Target group First-year students and pre-Master's students
Duration 3 hours
When? Spring 2020
Number of participants At least eight, no more than twelve
Trainer Daphna van Zoeren
Costs € 18,00


Please carefully read the following terms and conditions for participation and the registration procedure.

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