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Spoorzone Hackathon

In a few years a psychology lab, Fontys University of Journalism and media companies, will start working together in a new building at the Spoorzone. We want it to be a cool place. Full with interactive architecture. Join us and create new concepts.


Our world is changing rapidly, but how do you deal with constant change? We believe the solution is in learning by making. By building the future we’ll discover more quickly what works and what doesn’t. We do it during a hackathon, a pressure cooker where you'll develop and make new concepts in 48 hours. 


Kickoff night, 8th of February: inspiration, pitch ideas, form teams and drinks (18:30-21:00) Friday 9th of February: brainstorm, create paper prototype with your team (9:30-18:00) Saturday 10th of February: create a digital prototype or scale model and presentations (9:30-17:00)

Good to know:

There will be a selection of participants, but participation for selected attendees is free.

When: 09 February 2017 18:30

End date: 11 February 2017 17:00