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Many library databases are available through licenses. The owner of the database (website) wants to make sure you are a student or employee of Tilburg University, before giving access to the content. This authentication based on your affiliation status while on campus is automatic. Off-campus authentication is different. It requires you to install and activate VPN or to use EZproxy. This page explains how EZproxy works.

Pros and cons of EZproxy compared to VPN

You use EZproxy if you cannot use VPN or do not want to use it, for instance because you are working at someone else’s computer or if you need to look something up fast on your mobile phone.

For VPN you need to install software; for EZproxy you don’t. For EZproxy you always need to use the link in Libsearch; for VPN you don’t. VPN works with slightly more databases than EZproxy.

How to get access via EZproxy

To access a database via EZproxy, you have to use the title link in our list of All databases A to Z. (This is always the best way to access databases anyway, since this page always has the correct links and information about databases.) All databases that show an 'E' in the Access column are available via EZproxy.

If you access a database off-campus then you will have to log in via Single Sign-On if you were not logged in yet. If you use the link on campus or via VPN, you will be redirected to the database via its regular access. EZproxy is not used on campus.

How it works

EZproxy uses proxying technology. Data is not send directly from your browser to the website (e.g. ScienceDirect), but is rerouted via a server of our EZproxy supplier, OCLC. This way the owner of the site recognizes you as a Tilburg University student or employee, giving you access to all our licensed content on the site.

You can check and see whether you are on a site using EZproxy by looking at the URL. The domain name of an EZproxy site ends in


When you use EZproxy, your name is not shared or registered. The system only registers your affiliation with Tilburg University. The only data that is transferred via EZproxy is when you access a site using the special EZproxy link. Data sent to any other sites you visit, like Blackboard or Gmail, does not go via the proxy.

EZproxy and the Library Access browser extension

Install the Library Access browser extension to access EZproxy databases without having to use our list of databases.