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Scriptorium: Tilburg University’s academic writing center

Tailor-made assistance with academic writing as well as finding and referencing literature.

What does the Scriptorium do?

The Scriptorium supports Tilburg University students in their writing assignments, such as a paper, a report, or your thesis. We offer one-on-one tutoring sessions to assist you in writing in both Dutch and English. You can also get advice on searching for relevant literature, consulting discipline-specific databases and get answers to questions about source referencing. We also assist students writing their thesis in several ways.

All of the Scriptorium's services are available at any phase of the writing process and are offered free of charge.

What can you turn to the Scriptorium for?

Where can you find the Scriptorium?

You will find the Scriptorium on the first floor of the library (NW1). If you have made an appointment with a writing tutor, the tutor will let you know where your appointment will take place (in L109, L108, L107). Many of our services are offered online as well.

How can the Scriptorium help you with your writing process?

The Scriptorium offers a range of services to assist you in completing your writing assignments and help you improve the quality of your work. For you, the benefits include:

  • You receive useful feedback that you can use to improve your text.
  • You can get support at any stage of the writing process: at the beginning before you start writing, when you are working on the assignment, and when you are almost done with your text.
  • With feedback on your text, you will learn to further develop your writing skills.
  • All Scriptorium services are free of charge.

The following video introduces our services on offer and the principles underlying these:

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