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Back on track - for thesis writers

Are you running seriously behind schedule or did you get completely stuck in the writing process of your Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis? In this group meeting, we will work together to find ways to set the process of writing the thesis in motion again.

Working method

During the Back on Track group session, topics and questions regarding the thesis process are discussed that are relevant for you at this moment. Session content will be tailored to the questions and challenges of the students present. The coordinator of the Scriptorium and the student psychologist are both present during this meeting. In addition to the group session, an individual follow-up consultation is offered if necessary.

Examples of themes that may be addressed during the group session:

  • How can you get the most out of the thesis supervision?
  • The writing process: how can you break through a writer’s block and how to keep writing?
  • How can you find the right balance between reading and writing?
  • How do you deal with feedback and criticism in a meaningful way?
  • How do you create an optimal and realistic schedule until your deadline?
  • How can you create an optimal daytime routine so that you can work on your thesis to your satisfaction and also take time to relax?
  • How do you deal with perfectionism?
  • How to make sure you keep writing and don't seek distractions?
  • Where can you find further help?

Is Back on Track right for you?

If you experience problems writing your thesis:

  • Please contact your supervisor first. He/She is your first point of contact.
  • If you cannot find a solution with your supervisor, contact the thesis coordinator of your thesis track.
  • If you need advice on parts of your text (structure, style, formulation); make an appointment at the Scriptorium.
  • If there are personal circumstances that hinder your thesis process, please contact your education coordinator.
  • If you are completely stuck in the thesis process (you run the risk of significant delays, missed deadlines, not being able to meet requirements with regard to the thesis process), and need help to get back on track, participate in the Back on track group session.
  • If you’re already seeing a student psychologist for these complaints, and you have doubts whether participation in a Back on Track group session is useful, please contact Annelies Aquarius (student psychologist): a.e.a.m.aquarius@tilburguniversity.edu.

Consultation information

Target groupStudents who are completely stuck in their writing process for their Bachelor's or Masters thesis. 
Group consultation 
Duration1 hour and 30 minutes
Date, time and locationThursday 16th of May 10:45 - 12:30 in AZ 413
ApplicationSend an email to studentpsychologist@tilburguniversity.edu. 
State which date you would like to attend!
Number of participants

Dependent on the number of applicants (max. 20)


Please note: In case of 4 or less applicants, individual meetings (30 minutes) will be scheduled in the time block of the original group session. The group session will continue if there are more than 4 applicants.

Content information and questions