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Writing assistance

The most common myth about writing is that you can only write when you are inspired. Every experienced writer will agree: writing is more about perspiration than inspiration. A good academic text is the result of many hours of thinking, organizing, deleting, asking for feedback, and about constant rewriting.

The Scriptorium's writing tutors can help you tackle the writing process as efficiently as possible. Our tutors are Master’s students from different disciplines. They are fellow students, which makes it easy to approach them. They are specially trained to recognize writing problems and to provide clear feedback. By asking questions your tutor will help you gain a better understanding of your own writing process. Consequently, you will learn how to clearly put your ideas and arguments into words.

How can I make an appointment with a Scriptorium writing tutor?

Making an appointment with the Scriptorium takes two steps:

How can a writing tutor help me?

  • Do you have to write an essay, a report, or a thesis, but you do not know where to start?
  • Are you staring at your screen endlessly, or do you always postpone writing?
  • Do you not know how to bring structure in everything you have read and thought about?
  • Do you not succeed putting something on paper because you want every word and sentence to be perfect at once?
  • Do you doubt whether you have paraphrased information from a book or article in your own words correctly?

No correction service or content guidance

The Scriptorium is not a correction service. The writing tutors are to serve as a sounding board, not as a corrector. You are responsible for the end product. During the Scriptorium support meetings the writing process will be at the center of attention. The content of your report or thesis should be discussed with your content teacher or thesis supervisor, also the ones responsible for assessment.

What does a tutor session entail?

  • A session takes about 45 minutes. Most students feel prepared to continue the writing process on their own after one or three meetings.
  • You are the one who indicates what you want to pay attention to and where you need help.
  • By asking questions your tutor will help you gain a better insight into your own writing process. In this way you will learn how to clearly formulate your ideas and arguments.
  • To make an appointment with one of our tutors, you can fill in the online form on this website.