Support lhbtqia+ community

Tilburg University is committed to creating an environment in which everybody is able to be themselves. Our diversity should be celebrated. That is our message on Coming Out Day, when we raise the progress flag together with the Umbrella Association. We do so not only for those who choose to publicly acknowledge their sexual orientation or gender identity, but also for those who do not, or not yet, feel free to be open on this subject. Are you looking for advice or a safe place and support? This is where you can go for psychological help.

Help within the university

Unfortunately, being able to be yourself is not a reality for everyone. Being ‘different’ from others can cause psychological problems. Do you feel uncomfortable or struggle with your sexuality or gender? If you have mild psychological symptoms or need some advice, you can consult Tilburg University’s social worker, free of charge. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Share your story with the community

Are you not looking for professional help but would you like to share your story with like-minded people? Umbrella Association is a pro-lhbtqia+ Tilburg University student association. You can reach them via a DM on Instagram at @umbrella_association.

Help outside the university via Dutch health insurance

Outside the university, the best option is to contact a psychologist or a practice nurse at your GP’s. Interviews with a practice nurse (POH) are covered by your basic insurance. Treatment by a psychologist is also covered by basic insurance in some cases. You always pay the deductible, though. You can find information on coverage of mental healthcare on the Government of the Netherlands Mental health care webpage.

Help outside the university via foreign health insurance

As an international student, you may not always have Dutch health insurance. However, it is still possible to get free help. If you have mild symptoms, it may help to find online support. For instance, access Switchboard for a sympathetic ear, via chat, phone, or e-mail. This is a service of the Dutch LGBT organization COC Nederland for the lhbtqia+ community.

Would you prefer face-to-face help from a psychologist? There are three options.

  1. If you are already insured in your home country, please check the conditions of your insurance to find out what they do and do not cover for you abroad.
  2. If you use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), psychological help is usually covered by Zilveren Kruis. In some cases, you may have to pay the bill up front and costs will be reimbursed afterwards.
  3. You can take out Dutch health insurance to cover the cost of any psychological help.

Finding a psychologist

Are you looking for a psychologist in the Netherlands? Go to the ‘Care Chart’ (Zorgkaart), type ‘psycholoog’ and your location and a list of psychologists in your area will be shown.

In the picture from left to right:

Vice-Dean Magnificus Jantine Schuit, Camilla Carnevale Maffè, the Vice-President of the Tilburg University pro-LGBTQIA+ Umbrella Association and Maarten Loonen, policy advisor social safety of the university.

Student Support Roadmap

Who to turn to with what question?

Are you stuck in your studies, or do you have personal problems that affect your studies? Are you uncomfortable or do you experience a lot of stress? Are you unsure about your choice of study? Do you have a problem with your tuition fees? Or don't know what you want to do after you graduate? We are here to help you. Answer a few questions and you will immediately know who to contact for information, advice or guidance.