Students Tilburg University

Education Coordinators Social and Behavioral Sciences

Your education coordinator can help, inform and advise you on study-related issues and problems.

Please contact the education coordinators on:

  • choices or options in your study
  • personal circumstances that affect your study
  • study planning and study progress
  • study interruption or study delay
  • registration duration and registration status
  • regulations concerning examinations, exemptions, colloquium doctum

Appointment with your education coordinator

Do you want to discuss something with your education coordinator? You can schedule an appointment:

  • at the Student Desk (room A 301) or
  • by telephone, call: +31 (0)13 466 8000

Mail your education coordinator


Education coordinators

  • Wendy Erkelens

    Wendy Erkelens

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Psychologie (NL)
    • Bachelor Psychology (EN)
  • Renske Helmer

    Renske Helmer

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Psychologie (NL)
    • Bachelor Psychology (EN)
  • Joelle Smulders

    Joëlle Smulders-van Dijck MA

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Organisatiewetenschappen (NL)
    • Bachelor Personeelwetenschappen (NL)
  • Yvonne Alofs

    drs. Yvonne Alofs-van Boxel

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Sociologie (NL)
    • Bachelor International Sociology (EN)
    • Premaster/Master Sociology (EN)
    • Premaster/Master Human Resource Studies (EN)
    • Convenanten MAW
    • Post Master Universitaire Leraren Opleiding (NL)
    • Master Global Management of Social Issues (EN) – tracks HRS and SOC
  • Julie Tims

    Julie Tims

    Education coordinator
    • Premaster/masters Psychologie and Geestelijke Gezondheid (NL/EN)
    • Master Medische Psychologie (NL)
    • Master Social Psychology (EN)
    • Research Master Social and Behavioral Sciences (EN)
    • Research Master Individual Differences and Assessment (EN)
    • Premaster/master Organization Studies (EN)
    • Master Global Management of Social Issues (EN) – track OS
  • Trudy Haneveer

    Trudy Haneveer

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Global Management of Social Issues (EN)
    • Bachelor People Management (EN)
    • Bachelor Psychologie (NL/EN)