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Education coordinators Social and Behavioral Sciences

Your education coordinator can help, inform and advise you on study-related issues and problems.

Please contact the education coordinators on:

  • choices or options in your study
  • personal circumstances that affect your study
  • study planning and study progress
  • study interruption or study delay
  • registration duration and registration status
  • regulations concerning examinations, exemptions, colloquium doctum

A lot of information can be found in the Ask Student Desk knowledge database. If your question is not listed, please contact us.

Below you will find the education coordinator for your program.

How to contact us?

Eduction coordinators

Bachelor Students
Students (Pre-) Master's program
  • Wendy Erkelens

    Wendy Erkelens

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Psychologie (NL)
    • Bachelor Psychology (EN)
  • Renske Helmer

    Renske Helmer

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Psychologie (NL)
    • Bachelor Psychology (EN)
  • Joelle Smulders

    Joëlle Smulders-van Dijck MA

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Organisatiewetenschappen (NL)
    • Bachelor Personeelwetenschappen (NL)
  • Yvonne Alofs

    drs. Yvonne Alofs-van Boxel

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Sociologie (NL)
    • Bachelor International Sociology (EN)
    • Pre-Master/Master Sociology (EN)
    • Pre-Master/Master Human Resource Studies (EN)
    • Convenanten MAW
    • Post Master Universitaire Leraren Opleiding (NL)
    • Master Global Management of Social Issues (EN) – tracks HRS en SOC
  • Julie Tims

    Julie Tims

    Education coordinator
    • Pre-Master/masters Psychologie en Geestelijke Gezondheid (NL/EN)
    • Master Medische Psychologie (NL)
    • Master Social Psychology (EN)
    • Research Master Social and Behavioral Sciences (EN)
    • Research Master Individual Differences and Assessment (EN)
    • Pre-Master/master Organization Studies (EN)
    • Master Global Management of Social Issues (EN) – track OS
  • Trudy Haneveer

    Trudy Haneveer

    Education Coordinator
    • Bachelor Global Management of Social Issues (EN)
    • Bachelor People Management (EN)
    • Bachelor Psychologie (NL/EN)