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The University Chaplaincy helps to you give space to parts of your humanity that tend to be overlooked. Learning – together with fellow students – to better understand what you really want and what moves you, enables to study, work, make friendships –live–, more confidently, and more happily. The University Chaplaincy is there for all students, regardless of their background. Come and see!

Christmas time at 'Maranatha'
Christmas Living Room

What is the meaning of everything? Why, in the end, do you do what you do? Understanding the other and society is possible only if your own life, in all its facets, if 'you' – who and what you are, not just the way you function and your results – are taken seriously.

Tilburg University Chaplaincy offers its contribution to university life, not so much by dealing with 'different matter', but by constantly considering the question of the meaning of everything.

Tilburg University Chaplaincy offers time and space for this by organizing regular activities, which are open to everyone, excursions, an International Student Mass and Christmas and Easter celebrations on campus.

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Every Thursday: Maranatha evening or Bike Tour
Every Friday: School of community
Monday to Friday: come study at Maranatha!
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