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Published: 19th January 2021 Last updated: 04th June 2021

Maranatha remains open in this period with a Living Room for all students and employees of Tilburg University. If you want to see someone or sit somewhere else than in your own room, you are very welcome in the cozy meeting room of Maranatha, Prof. Cobbenhagenlaan 19.

The opening hours are stated on the Tilburg University Chaplaincy page. Those who are present between 18:00 hrs and 19:00 hrs, basically have dinner together (sharing the expenses). Together we determine who cooks and what we eat.

A maximum of 8 people may be present at the same time. It is therefore necessary to make a reservation via the app MijnRKK. You can make a reservation one week in advance.
To gain access to this app, please send an e-mail to, stating that you are a student or staff member of Tilburg University, and that you would like full access to the app.

living room maranatha

Stay at home when:

  • You have complaints that are compatible with corona or when you have tested positive for corona.
  • Your household member has complaints that are compatible with corona or if your household member tested positive for corona.
  • You have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for corona.  
  • You come back from a risk area indicated by the Dutch government and there is a compulsory home quarantine.

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Take care and look out for each other

The current corona situation demands a lot from us.
How do I stay in touch with my study mates or my colleagues?