De studentenpsychologen van Tilburg University helpen je graag

Rescheduling or cancelling your appointment with the student psychologist

We notice an increasing number of students not showing up to a scheduled intake or appointment. Or canceling a scheduled appointment just a few hours before the start of the meeting. This is unfortunate, as many students are waiting for help from the studentpsychologists. By late cancelation or even no-show, no other student can be invited and the appointment time is lost.

Rescheduling or canceling your appointment

We kindly but strongly ask that you be considerate regarding your appointments with the student psychologist. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do this as soon as possible and preferably 1 week in advance. So that we can help another student at this time and the appointment time will not be lost. 

So please cancel or change your appointment in time if it is not convenient or required. By doing so, we try to keep the waiting time as short as possible for all students who need our help.  

No show or cancellation of the appointment in less than 24 hours 

The student psychologists can offer each student approximately 3 to a maximum of 5 consultations (for more information; see the Student Psychologists webpage). If you are absent from a scheduled appointment without notice, or cancel the appointment less than 24 hours in advance, we are bound to cancel this appointment opportunity. In other words; you will then have 1 less appointment less to schedule with the student psychologist (maximum of 4).

Of course, there may be urgent, unexpected circumstances or illness on the day of the appointment. In that case, we ask you to notify the student psychologist in question directly by email. And if the situation is manageable, you may also choose to have the appointment online instead of on campus.

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