Volg de gratis e-health programma's van Gezondeboel

Free e-health programs at Gezondeboel

Are you facing challenges or do you want to work on your personal development and well-being in an informal and user-friendly environment? You can now do so with online programs on the Gezondeboel platform.

Gezondeboel offers online programs that can help you take steps in improving your mental well-being and your study skills. These e-health programs concern aspects like Anxiety, Self-compassion, Stress, Sleeping well, Loneliness, Mindfulness, Fear of Failure and Scheduling & Structure. All programs have been designed in collaboration with psychologists, scientists, and hands-on experts, and use evidence-based protocols. In the programs, you’ll be working with videos, animated film, and assignments.

Please note: students will be able to start new e-health modules of GezondeBoel until 31-12-2023. Students will be able to finish all modules started before this date, but from 01-01-2024 onwards, no new modules are offered, as Tilburg University will no longer offer these e-health modules in 2024 and beyond.

Investment in yourself

Taking a Gezondeboel program is an investment in yourself; it increases your mental resilience and can help prevent mental issues. It enables you to acquire or improve skills that you can use every day, in your studies as well as in your personal life.

Unlimited access

Tilburg University students can take these programs free of charge and anonymously through their university accounts. As a student, you can take any Gezondeboel e-health program you like, at your own pace, when it suits you, and on your own laptop or tablet. The big plus is that you can start improving your personal well-being any time you like.

Check out the programs and start now

Some of the programs offered

Standing up for yourself

Do you find it difficult to say what you want? Are you always trying to please everyone? Learn to be more assertive.

Self-compassion: Being kinder to yourself

Do you set the bar high, are you a perfectionist and always critical of yourself? Learn what self-compassion is and practice evoking it through breathing and meditation (to name just two techniques).

Social media overkill

Do you sometimes find it difficult to sleep or concentrate because of stimulus overload? Your use of your phone and social media may be at the heart of it. Learn how to find a balance.

Scheduling & Structure

This is a useful module if you struggle to plan and structure tasks. It also addresses procrastination and ways to improve focus.

Sleeping well

This module is for students who suffer sleeping problems, like finding it hard to go to sleep or wake up, or sleeping too long.

Fear of failure

Use information, assignments, and tips to reduce your fear of failure.