Studeren in Coronatijd kan lastig zijn: blijf in contact met familie en vrienden

Social Interaction: stay connected

Connect with friends, family, study mates. Start the day together, go for a walk together/while calling one another, cook or have dinner together with housemates, study mates, friends, people from your study program or student association, or family.

  • Reach out, tap into networks and resources
    • Participate in activities of your School.
    • Actively participate in lectures and working groups.
    • Join a study/student association.
    • Contact your student mentor for advice on this.
  • Connect with study mates to interact about the course, difficulties, and questions. Find a study mate who is taking the same course and with whom you can discuss or study together. E.g. walk together / at the same time (call) to chat and/or to discuss study subjects.
  • Go on a walk with a fellow student! Healthy and social via TiU Walks.
  • Register on Edumi, an online platform that helps you connect with other students via a matching system.
  • You're not the only one who misses contact with fellow students. Many of us long for interaction; be creative and reach out. Just try it!
  • Tell the people you trust, how you feel. Talking about it can help.

We are Tilburg University

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