Thuis sporten

Moving at home keeps me in balance

At the weekends

Schedule activities that make you feel good; have fun, go out, exercise, dance, sing, write, draw, paint, prepare a nice meal. This will make you feel happy and energized. Also, you will be better able to study after the weekend; it’s like an investment in your studies!

  • At the weekend, you can sleep late.
  • Make conscious choices about how you want to spend your time.

Modern technology is designed to hold your attention; don’t fall for it. Try not to get trapped by the technology; stay in control. Don’t spend too much time on your phone immediately after waking up, or at least set limits.

  • Recognize challenges and be creative. Search for alternatives to do the things you enjoyed before the coronavirus measures. Give it a chance, don't reject it in advance.
  • Go on a walk with a fellow student! Healthy and social via TiU Walks.


The Tilburg University Sports Center has all kinds of possibilities to exercise at home.