Maak vrienden voor het leven tijdens je studie bij Tilburg University.

How do I stay mentally healthy?

In the current individualistic and achievement focused society, many students experience that their mental wellbeing is being challenged. Tilburg University underlines the important of the mental wellbeing of its students. We offer different types of guidance to support you. Next to this, you can also work on your own mental wellbeing. More information can be found below.

Student wellbeing, what does it imply?

This video gives you a good overview of what you can do yourself to stay mentally healthy and resilient, and where to turn when things aren't going so well for a while

In case of emergency

  • In case of symptoms of illness or a personal crisis, contact your GP immediately. Outside office hours with the central GP post Tilburg (tel. +31 (0)85 - 5360300).
  • If you have thoughts of suicide and want to speak to someone right away, call: +31 (0)900 - 0113 or chat:
  • Were you recently sexually assaulted or raped? Call 0800-0188 immediately 24/7. 
  • The emergency number of the crisis intervention team Tilburg  is 0800 - 8013, available day and night for acute emergencies of someone in your surroundings (so not when you yourself are in distress).

What does Tilburg University offer?

Tilburg University helpline

Are you experiencing personal, mental or emotional problems and have nowhere else to turn? Feel free to call the Tilburg University helpline anonymously: +31 (0)6 2877 1262. The helpline is available to all students between 08:00 and 23:00.

You can come here anonymously for a personal conversation and a listening ear, for example when you experience complaints of a depressive nature such as gloom and dejection, brooding and feelings of anxiety, listlessness and fatigue, sleeping problems and stress. The helpline offers support and the help is non-binding and anonymous.

Listening Line

Talking clears the air! The Luisterlijn ('Listening Line')is there for anyone in need of a listening ear, anonymously, day and night: tel. 088 - 0767 000 or chat via

Student Support Roadmap

Who to turn to with what question?

Are you stuck in your studies, or do you have personal problems that affect your studies? Are you uncomfortable or do you experience a lot of stress? Are you unsure about your choice of study? Do you have a problem with your tuition fees? Or don't know what you want to do after you graduate? We are here to help you. Answer a few questions and you will immediately know who to contact for information, advice or guidance.