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How do I stay mentally healthy in these Corona times?

These are difficult times for everyone! The measures introduced by the government mean that all education by Tilburg University this year will be provided online and as much as possible on campus. We can imagine that this is difficult for some students. The measures require a lot of flexibility from everyone. Especially because you hardly have contact with your study mates and it is also hardly possible to visit our campus.

Many students are at home with family or live with fellow students. Also, there are students far away from home and their families. This is hardly a pleasant situation for anyone. On this page you will find tips and advice to get through this period as well as possible.

How do you maintain the social distance as well as possible?

Tilburg University is doing its best to continue its educational activities online, and on campus as much as possible. For you as a student, it is also important that you try to follow as closely as possible the subject matter offered to you and keep up with your studies in that way. This requires a lot of discipline and flexibility. 

To help you with this, you will find a number of tips below. Univers has tested a number of tips from this page. Watch this video (with English subtitles) to see how you liked it...

If you need extra help, it is quite normal. Please do not hesitate to aks help, see the bottom of this page what Tilburg University can do for you.

Update October 7

The Student Sports Center has an extra mindfulness-lesson included in the sports program. The class is taught by Kasper Meulesteen and takes place on Tuesdays at 11:45 am in room 4 at the top of the stairs. Registration is possible with a valid sports subscription through the site.

How do I take good care of myself and keep track of my studies?
I sometimes feel depressed and lonely. What can I do about it?
What do you do when you already have or get psychological problems?

Also important

Finally, an open door: avoid alcohol and drugs, excessive news consumption, worrying and constantly talking about corona.

In case of symptoms of illness or a personal crisis, contact your GP immediately.

Outside office hours with the central GP post Tilburg (tel. +31 (0)85 - 5360300).

The emergency number of the crisis intervention team Tilburg e.o. is +31 (0)800 - 8013, available day and night for acute emergencies.

If you have thoughts of suicide and want to speak to someone right away, call: +31 (0)900 - 0113 or chat:

Tilburg University offers: 

Tilburg University helpline

Are you experiencing  personal, mental or emotional problems as a result of the corona crisis? Please, do not hesitate to anonymously call the  Tilburg University special helpline: +31 (0)6 28 771 262. The helpline is available 24/7 and is intended for all students.

You can contact the helpline anonymously for a personal consultation and a listening ear. You can share your story here and receive advice on questions related to the Corona virus. Also when you experience complaints of a depressive nature such as sadness and anxiety, panic and anxiety, lethargy and fatigue, sleep problems and stress. The helpline offers support and the help is noncommittal and anonymous.

How To Respond Effectively To The Corona Crisis (5:23 minutes)