Tips om je te onstpannen

Websites with tips on study skills

An overview of useful websites that can help you further in your studies.

Fear of failure and stress
Study skills

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Improve Your Study Techniques, developed by the University of Groningen, is available to everyone.  In this English-language course you will learn, for example, how to organize your time efficiently, make realistic work plans and tackle stress or procrastination so that you remain motivated to work in an effective and enjoyable manner. Through Future Learn you can register for the course.

You can also contact your education coordinator.  Many programs offer a study skills workshop or course in the first year, be sure to take advantage of that!

Other courses:

Concentration problems

Amsterdam-based student doctors have launched an online test that can help you figure out why you can't focus well and what you could do about it. The site also includes background information, self-help tips and study tips.  See

On YouTube, you can find several music videos to help you focus.

Ten do's and don'ts at :

Only available in Dutch.

Language and writing skills